I retired and my wife said go out in the workshop
and do something.

So I did
that's how "Fuzzy the Wood Butcher" was born.


Some of the items that I make and sell are listed below
all are custom and made to order

To purchase visit my FuzzyTheWoodButcher Etsy Store  

Magnetic Knife Block

Your choice of several types of wood with interesting grain figure
Holds your kitchen knife collection using magnets
9"H x 6"W x 8"D with 5 1" Thick sections in descending width & height

Other knife blocks have slots where the knives are stored.
Those slots may hold moisture and foster bacteria
The slots can not be properly cleaned.
My knife blocks do not have places for bacteria and mold to hide.
The knives are in the open and held in place by magnets.
No more hiding places and easy

  Black Walnut    Red Oak  Hard Maple    
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We live in Cambridge on
 Maryland's Eastern Shore
and have an Airbnb "On Hurst Creek"
check it out
Hurst Creek Computers
27 years
Since screens were green and there were no mice